Thursday, December 1, 2011

{365} 12.1.11 working on my DDA

Today is December 1st (how did that sneak up on me so fast??).  I have been working on my December Daily Album, trying to get it completed (being sick sure put a crimp in my plan, grrr!!), so I can just add photos to it throughout the month.  I just have some embellishing to do and figure out the cover.  Here is a little reminder on Ali's Blog to NOT STRESS!!
December 1 rs

Last year I ran out of steam, I have all my photos printed and completed pages 1-15, and then I stopped.  That is why I am DETERMINED to get the pages completed first this year, LOL!!  After the holidays I will assemble my 2010 DDA (I hate leaving stuff undone!!).

And of course I have decided to re-organize and change up my craft room, which is not the best timing, LOL!!  Mike is going to add some more shelves (since I am adding some work space to my room, I have taken on a little side business), I have donated several bins of craft stuff to Josh's girlfriend Jess (who also likes to paper craft).  I am hoping it is completed tomorrow!!  I will post pictures once it is finished, because I know how I enjoy looking at other people's craft spaces!!

I am also taking a trip to the Container Store with my friend Cindy on Friday (which is always FUN!!).  So I am not sure what tomorrow's post will consist of, LOL!!! 

Enjoy Today!!