Sunday, December 18, 2011

weekly iPhone dump...

december 18 rs

Surprisingly with my crazy busy schedule these days, I have managed to keep up with my weekly iPhone pictures~because there is always something to shoot!!
From Left to Right:

1.  Week 2 of training~I got my headset (this is my first time working in a call center), of course this pic was text-ed to my hubby, LOL!!.
2.  Working for a pharmaceutical company is just like working in a doctor's office, lots and LOTS of food (here is our PB&J day).
3.  I love when I plan ahead and leave dinner for the hubs to put in the oven!!
4.  Date with my hubby~at our favorite place~Chipotle!!
5.  Mike took a cat nap on Saturday with both the kitties, LOL!!
6.  Josh got an early Christmas present, and I might add he was pretty excited about it!!
7.  Packages are arriving!!
8.  Kodi~I LOVE that crazy dog!!
9.  Mike finished decorating the tree for me~can you guess which ornaments took center stage *wink*

Enjoy Today!!

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