Wednesday, March 9, 2011

soaring by...

Hi all!!

First and foremost I want to give a big shout out to Jen for her sweet comments about my blog in the PTI forums *big smile* I woke up to so many comments on my blog that I was on cloud 9 all day~thank you everyone for leaving me some blog love!!! I am feeling so BLESSED!!

I hope I don't disappoint, LOL!!!

Here is a quick card that I whipped up last night; since I have not used my Everyday Button Bits stamp set in quite a while, I decided to ink it up!!! I needed a card for a high school friend of mine that I reconnected with recently thru Facebook (I love that site for that very reason!!). Since she lives far away from me~I thought the balloons would be the perfect image for the card.

EBB soaring by_0005

And for some randomness...Yesterday Ashley called me and said her car would not start, since I was close by, I said I would be right over (glad I have jumper cables in the back of my vehicle). Usually Mike or Josh do that sort of thing for us girls; But Josh was working and Mike was in a meeting. I have seen it done numerous times and, it was really pretty easy!! Thank goodness!!

I followed her to the auto parts store, where they tested her battery~it needed to be replaced; but thankfully it was still under warranty *woot*. The guy came out and put it in for her while we supervised, LOL!! We chatted about how awkward we felt in an auto parts store/parking lot~kinda out of our element. Thankfully, we girls took care of it all on our own!! We were feeling pretty liberated!!

Make today a great one!!


June K. said...

I love your card. Such beautiful color selections. Just love your style.

I am SO impressed not only with your cards but your auto repair skills. Way to go!!!

Laura Isham said...

another gorgeous card! I am glad Jen pointed out your blog on the PTI have become one of my favorites!

daisykl said...

I'm so glad Jen gave you that shout out - your blog is now bookmarked for me to read everyday - and it's great to know that there is another PTI fan in Phoenix. Maybe we can finally have a PTI get together of our own someday.

Nancy L. said...

love the card!
love that we can sometimes do things that are "guy" things :)

Jodene said...

You could never disappoint Gretchen! I always look forward to seeing what you make next :)

And way to go with your auto skills! It's amazing what us girls can do when we have to isn't it. I remember being so proud of myself when I changed a tyre on my car for the first time!

Susan said...

Great card Gretchen! I just love your CAS style. You make me want to pull out my older sets and get stamping!

Karen said...

Gretchen I am just so IN LOVE with your stytle of cardmaking! It's simple and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This card is just lovely!

I find your blog via the PTI forums and have added you to my blog so I can see when you update -cause I'd hate to miss anything! lol!

Can you please tell me how you get such gorgeous clear shots of your cards?

Luv Karen

Diane Jaquay said...

Disappoint? IMPOSSIBLE, your work is amazing and I'm so happy to be a subscriber now to your blog! This card is stunning on so many levels, the colors, the outstanding design, the adorable little balloons, LOVE it all!

Amy Kolling said...

Jen and I are great friends and I can remember we talked about your blog right after the PTI blog hop! We both thought your blog and card were fabulous! I have been a follower ever since! I'm glad Jen gave you a shout out! :)

Jen Carter said...

No disappointment here!! This card is fantastic!! I LOVE the big scallops down the side. I see lots of the other sizes of scallops used, but not the largest one as often. The colors are beautiful too!