Monday, March 14, 2011


Another weekend went by way too fast *sad face*

The weather has been so nice here in Phoenix, can you believe it will be 90 on Wednesday?? It is starting to heat up in the desert! I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday; and CT is even starting to warm up (it was 45 when I talked to her at 3pm). I know they have had a hard winter and spring is greatly anticipated. Wish I could send some of our warm weather.

Ashley and I went to IKEA on Saturday~I LOVE that place!! We both ended up getting new duvet covers, this is the one I got, and Ashley got this one. I also picked up this little guy for my night stand, and some of these for my kitchen table.

Here is a quick card that I put together last night; inspired by this one, by Maile Belles. Have you seen her new stamp set?? At first glance, I wasn't sure if I really liked it~but now that I am seeing all the possibilities~it is on my "ever growing" wish list!!

rustic branches girlie_0001

Hope your Monday is AWESOME!!


Karen said...

Gretchen I get SO EXCITED when I see you've updated your blog!

I just LOVE this gorgeous little card of yours - you're style is just so beautiful and fresh!


Jen Carter said...

I LOVE this card!! I have that vine stamp too, I'm going to have to CASE this idea!! Very pretty color choice too!