Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I thought I would share a little home improvement tutorial. I actually did this project all by myself *woot woot* (well Mike took the knobs off and put them back on).

I am not a fan of shiney gold (outdated) doorknobs, but to replace all the knobs in our house would cost a fortune (and I would rather spend that $$ on stamps, right?).

Supplies needed: Auto primer/Brushed Metallic- oil rubbed bronze/Protective non yellowing clear finish.

Total supply cost-- around $15

doorknobs 1

Step 1
Lightly sand the doorknobs- (It really is pretty easy to scratch the lovely gold finish so this step isn't as painful as you'd suppose except when you have a lot of doorknobs than it gets pretty darn boring).

doorknobs 2

Step 2
Spray Primer (make sure you shake the can for about a minute then spray in a back and forth motion. It is better to do a few light coats rather than one heavy one). Let dry.

doorknobs 3

Step 3
Spray color (this is the fun part!!! use the same back and forth motion and a few light coats, like the primer layer). Let Dry.

doorknobs 4

Step 4
Spray protective finish. Let Dry.

Viola!!! EASY PEASY!!!!

doorknobs 5

*no scratches yet, the finish is really durable* Now I need to do all my upstairs knobs~maybe this weekend!

Enjoy today!!


Jodene said...

Wow, what a difference! You did a great job Gretchen, and they look fantastic :)

Susan N. said...

We are in the process of fixing up my mom's house which is very old. I was just looking at the door knobs wondering what I was going to do with them. Your tutorial is perfect. Thanks for sharing. You did an awesome job and they look great!

Blogs said...

... and SHOE BOXES!! Perfect way to keep the knobs standing!

Unknown said...

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