Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee... Jamaican Style!

posted by Ashley

For some reason, this week has been pretty crazy, so my post will be shorter than usual. One thing I have to tell you all about is the AMAZING Blue Mountain Coffee Nate & I purchased during our trip to Jamaica. I'm a self-proclaimed coffee snob: Starbucks is the only coffee strong enough to get me going and delicious enough for my picky taste buds. Whether I brew it at home during the weekdays (which comes from my Costco-sized bag of beans in the pantry) or purchase a non-fat, no-whip white mocha on Sunday mornings before church, Starbucks is the ONLY option for me. I was a little hesitant to try Jamaican coffee, but having heard so many great things about it from others, I knew I had to give it a taste (and since it was $25 for 1 pound, I figured it HAD to be good). I have to admit that this coffee is absolutely delicious! It isn't nearly as strong as my usual French Roast Starbucks brew, but the flavor is pretty great! If you ever have a chance to purchase genuine Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica, do it!
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And that is all I will say about caffeine for today. Thanks for listening to a self-proclaimed coffee addict :) Have a wonderful weekend!!


Elaine M said...

Well - there just HAS TO BE a place to order this! Great coffee plus a cute package - what more do you need to start your day!

Simple Recipes said...

Love this :)