Thursday, June 3, 2010

a new hard drive~hooray!!

Hi ya friends...
My wonderful hubby came home with a 2TB hard drive for my computer tonight (isn't he the best??). I must really sound like a computer geek, huh? We were going to buy a new computer, but decided to get a new monitor (looking for that this weekend, maybe) and hard drive, much more cost effective. I felt good after reading the Frugal Girl's (#2) post yesterday about her same situation ;)

As of 8pm it is only 43% formatted, so I am unable to get on my PC (posting from my laptop) to upload my card for tomorrow. I am however hoping that everything will be uneventful and I will have all my stuff waiting for me after the format (fingers and toes crossed!!). Any kind of computer/software upgrade makes me a little nervous!!! Luckily I back up with Mozy (just in case). If all goes well, I will post Friday's card sometime tomorrow (or Saturday if there are unexpected problems), so my post will be a little late.

On a positive note...tomorrow is TGIF!!! Enjoy :)