Thursday, June 24, 2010

introducing my favorite daughter...

Posted by Ashley

Hello blog world! I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to guest-blog for my wonderful, crafty mom. Recently, I mentioned to her that I was thinking of starting up my own blog, but working full-time, being a full-time student, and also volunteering for multiple church ministries, I wasn't so sure I would have the time. She suggested that I be a regular guest blogger for her, and I thought it would be an excellent way to get my feet wet, so here I am. I'm not much of a card-maker (unless the paper is pre-cut and all laid out for me!), but I plan on sharing many other interests of mine here. My posts will include photography (with my Canon Rebel XT), cooking experiments, book reviews, random thoughts, fashion blurbs, and of course my new interest in locally-grown, organic products. Speaking of organic... has anyone watched Food, Inc.? This movie is by far one of the most profound documentaries about what our food goes through to get to our grocery stores. I highly recommend watching this documentary, but be forewarned that your grocery shopping habits may change dramatically (for the better, of course!). As a result of watching Food, Inc., I have taken a trip to a local Farmer's Market with my mom and purchased some delicious pineapple salsa, organic bananas, red potatoes, and fresh-baked bread. The next day, I also made a trip to our local Fresh & Easy neighborhood market, where I discovered cage-free eggs, refreshing watermelon, honey-wheat bread, and so much more! Surprisingly, buying organic food isn't as expensive as I had initially thought! The produce tastes so much fresher; even my husband has noticed! If you look closely at the photo of the pineapple salsa, the ingredients are super fresh and minimal. It is honestly some of the best salsa I've ever had!

salsa rs

fresh and easy rs

On another note, you will eventually come to realize that I am a product-junkie. I love to try new things! I plan to try new products out and give honest reviews here. I also have my "go-to" favorite items that I will be sharing. For today's post, I have to talk about how much I absolutely LOVE my Amazon Kindle. My amazing husband bought the Kindle for me this past Christmas, and I think it is the best invention ever! It is pricey, but just recently, Amazon has lowered their price! If you love reading as much as I do, this is a must-have! I even downloaded The Message version of the Bible, which is quite frankly the clearest, easiest way to read it!
kindle rs

Thank you so much for stopping by to read today! I am so excited to be a blog-partner with my mom & I look forward to what is ahead!! Have an amazing day!



Joy Junktion said...

Welcome Ashley...And now you are hooked! I'm so glad you have gotten your 'feet' wet and will be looking forward to checking out you mom's blog daily instead of three times a week. Have a super day:)

Jodene said...

Hi Ashley! It was great to read your post, and I look forward to seeing your future guest blogger updates :)