Monday, June 21, 2010

a trip to the farmer's market...

Happy Monday my favorite blog friends!!

I hope you had a FABULOUS weekend!!! Why do the weekends always speed by so fast??? Yesterday I had such a nice time with the fam celebrating Father's Day!! We had all of Mike's favorites for lunch all the way down to his favorite beverage! After lunch we opened a few gifts and then the boys took a nap (even Kodi). Ashley and I decided to hit the Farmer's Market in Tempe~it was fun (gonna check this one out next week)!! Of course I brought my camera (so glad my kids don't get embarrassed by their paparazzi mom anymore).

I did not get any stamping in, so I thought I would post a few of the photos from our trip to the Farmer's Market. I have today off from work, so I WILL have some stamping to share this week~and I also have some fun news to share on the blog in the next day or two!!

farmers market 0005 rs

farmers market 0003 rs

farmers market 0002 rs

farmers market 0001 rs

Enjoy Today!!!


Joy Junktion said...

That looks great...I thought it would be outside like the Ahwatukee one! Don't get your hopes up about's not the same at all!

Jodene said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I love your photos from the Farmers Market. And I can't wait to hear your fun news .... hmmm wonder what it could be??