Thursday, July 10, 2008

my july digi desktop...

Hi All...
Thought I would post my July desktop;D You can download one for free here. They are so easy to make, just open in PSE or other photo program and drop you picture behind it. I used a picture of my cute kids...just converted the original to Sepia tone, since the original photo would not match the background.

I am still having printer I decided to take a break from trying to figure it out! Yesterday I got an email from the bank stating that there was some unusual activity in our checking account. I immediately investigated and noticed several charges for online gaming websites. Luckily I caught it, because they said there were several more charges in pending status. I had to cancel my debit card (which is the pits!) and wait 5-7 days for my new one. The bank is monitoring our account and depositing the charges back to us. I am trying to rack my brain of my recent purchases (not sure if that is how it happened?)...I am usually pretty careful with online purchases. I am glad it all worked out!

I was also able to finish my 2nd lesson in my Oh Shoot class. This week it was on Aperture. I am learning a lot and having a lot of fun practicing different things with my camera...who knew taking it off auto would be so fun! The best thing about digital cameras, is that you can just delete the bad pictures (which I do quite often). I am also thinking of buying some photo actions for PSE...I really didn't know much about them until Candice (our instructor) gave us a website and discount to buy some. They seem pretty cool and who can resist a sale? You can find them here if you are interested

Have a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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Sears Family said...

Love the cute pic of your kids!

I don't even know how to take my camera off of automatic or turn the flash off. I asked for PSE for my birthday. I'll start there!

I do know Rhonda. I have participated in several of her swaps and I have been to Spring Fling before.