Wednesday, July 30, 2008

indoor lighting...

Happy Wednesday...the half way point, yeah!

I have been so busy this week that I haven't really had any quality time in my stamp room *sad face* I do hope to get in there today! But with Ashley's wedding quickly approaching in October (and in between invitations/favors/reception decorating/showers/and all the other stuff I am forgetting (argh!) ...I am sure there will be days I have nothing to post (and I am sure you won't want to hear my anxiety crazed stories, lol!)...just giving you the heads up.

So when I got home from work yesterday, I wanted to start working on my indoor lighting lesson...and since I didn't have a willing model (see photo to the above)...

I grabbed this cutie (see below)...Thankfully this guy didn't mind that I snapped 40 pictures of him in every room in the house so I could practice my white balance and ISO settings.

Here he is sitting on my living room couch...doesn't it just make you smile?

Hope your day is Wonderful!
Thanks for visiting!!

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*And Happy Birthday Nate!!!!!*


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