Wednesday, March 19, 2008

digi week day 3

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday Ashley told me that I was a little behind posting Christmas layouts...and here I thought I was ahead of the game (I won't tell her that I left off at 6th grade in Josh's albums...he will be 19 in May, lol!). Anyway I thought I would post a springy layout. This one is from last Easter (Ashley was at school in Lynchburg last Easter, that is why she is missing from the photo, I am so glad she is here this year!).

I will hopefully have some sort of stamped Easter treat to show you day is jammed full of stuff to do, but I am determined to cross everything off my list! My mom arrives tomorrow night...yeah! I am looking forward to some fun filled days of shopping ahead!

Thanks for visiting today! Have a wonderful day

supplies used: Template (Janet Philips), Kit In Bloom (Scrap Artist), font (love ya like a sister), Simplicity Alpha (Daniela Peuss).


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