Tuesday, March 18, 2008

digi week (day 2)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you didn't get pinched yesterday...can you believe I forgot to wear green? oh well.

I think I am starting to feel better (other than my plugged up ears...*hate that*). My mom is flying in on Thursday to celebrate my big 4-0 birthday (am I that old?) and I have lots to do before she gets here, so I hope my energy returns real soon! If not for cleaning...for some major shopping! Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday? Boy that came fast! I will hopefully have some time to stamp some Easter gifts this week...stay tuned for that!

Here is another digi page using a lot of the same elements from yesterdays layout. It really feels good to be getting my Christmas scrapping done!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy your Tuesday!

Supplies used: Template by Janet Philips (Studio Graphics), Kits by Miss Mint Winter Sparkle (Peppermint Creative), Font (century gothic)


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