Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Monday

Well my weekend just seemed to fly by, faster than usual...Saturday Ashley and I were on the go from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm.

We started the day with breakfast at Einstein's Bagel's, we both love their holiday pumpkin bagels with pumpkin smear (aka cream cheese).

Then we were off to Sam's Club to shop for supplies for church, and decided to run over to Bath and Body Works to pick up some of their oil (for our oil burners), they were on sale for $3 ea, that is a great deal...usually they are around $8.

Then we went back to the church to unload supplies and then clean it.

We were not done yet, then drove up to somewhere in Phoenix (Camelback road), to look at a discount mattress store she found online (side note, she is moving into her own place and needed a new bed), she did manage to find one at a really good price, and it was delivered yesterday.

Then I figured that since we had pretty much spent the entire morning together, she could accompany me to the grocery store...did the shopping, and put it all was so nice to be home;o)
I am looking forward to next weekend, I think Mike may have it off (maybe he will re-install my shelves...(I am hopeful), so I can stamp away...starting to get the holiday stamping fever. Thought I would attach a photo of what my craft room looks like right now...(it is a MESS), sorry I don't have any before pictures, but will definitely take some once it is back to normal.

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