Thursday, October 25, 2007

cute frankie....

Here are the Halloween treats I am bringing in to work today...I like how they came out. There was no stamping involved on this project...just punches, eyelets and scalloped scissors. I filled them up with (white trash mix) but I am calling it "Monster Mix".

Here is the recipe:

You may want to double this...It is really yummy!

1lb almond bark (I used white chocolate chips)

1 cup rice chex cereal

1 cup golden grahams cereal

1 cup pretzel sticks, broken in smaller pieces

2-4 oz pecan halves

1 tbsp powdered sugar

melt almond bark on low heat in a double boiler; stir frequently. Place chex, golden grahams, pretzels, pecans in a large bowl; once almond bark is melted stir into dry mixture, mix until coated. Place on a aluminum foil or wax paper lined cookie sheet and place in fridge to set. once hardened break into bite size pieces, add powdered sugar and toss to coat (you can do this in a covered bowl or zip lock bag). store in an air tight container.


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