Tuesday, January 6, 2015

weekly iphone photo dump ~ January 2015 week {one}

Happy New Year!

From left to right:
1.  Just crazy Pete on some of the boxes in my office that still need to be unpacked (I have been super busy at work, so these have gone untouched and it is driving me CRAZY!).
2.  I lost the blade to my Ninja blender in the move, I have looked high and low for that thing and think I may have tossed it by mistake.  Luckily they make replacement parts!!  I have missed my protein shakes!!  I will probably find the other blade, now that I have purchased another, LOL!
3.  I am a list maker!  I just love them!  Groceries, things I want to get accomplished, to-do, work lists.  Crossing things off makes me even happier!
4.  Here is princess Soph, she loves sleeping on pillows.  She is so cute!
5.  Sunday the temp was -17 (with a wind chill of -29).  Mike was nice enough to come along with me to do the grocery shopping.  I am not going to lie, it was FRIGID!
6.  After our trip to Walmart, we warmed up with some cocoa.  Mike likes a lot of whipped cream in his.  
7.  These girls follow me everywhere.  I am lucky to work at home and this is pretty much where they are all day long.  Right next to my feet (notice Bella guarding her ball in her sleep).
8.  Mike and I finally upgraded our phones.  We both got the iPhone 6 Plus.  So far I am loving it!!  I think it will be really nice to use on my Project Life App!

Enjoy Today!

*Blog Update* 
I really want to get back to blogging on a more regular basis!!  I plan on making that happen once all the year end stuff is done at work and I get caught up.   
I sure do miss posting on a regular basis! 


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