Monday, November 11, 2013

weekly photo dump -- November {week one}

From left to right:
1.  I made this for our Halloween party at work.  I seriously LOVE this stuff!  So glad I brought most of it to work!!
2.  Some days I feel like being curly.
3.  Mike always fills up my gas tank and gets my car washed.  He is a pretty great guy!!
4.  This week on the agenda was doggie baths, let me tell you, the pups were dirty!!  Especially with all the dust from our renovation projects (photos coming soon).  Sophie LOVES getting a bath, she usually waits for us in the tub.
5.  Bella is not as much of a fan of baths, but I am happy to report, both pups smell great now.
6.  Sophie completed her AKC Good Citizen class on Thursday, we are so proud of her!!  We know people are afraid of pit bulls, so Mike and I want to make sure ours are well behaved.  Bella is the next student (probably after the holidays).
7.  Mike suggested eating HERE on Saturday~So YUMMY!!
8.  We had some bark park fun on Sunday morning with Mike, Ashley, Josh, Jess, a girl from my work and her hubby, Jess' mom and step dad and all the doggies.  It was a lot of fun!!
9.  This is what happens after #8

Enjoy Today!!