Monday, November 18, 2013

weekly phone dump ~ November {week 2}

From left to right:
1.  I didn't realize until later in the day on the 12th, that it was 11-12-13 COOL!
2.  I come home for lunch every day to see Sophie and Bella, and let them outside.  I think they enjoy it as much as I do.  They make me smile!
3.  A little afternoon snack...I am glad these only come 3 to a package, LOL!
4.  I am borrowing an E-collar to try out on Sophie.  She gets super excited when we come home or if someone comes over.  A 70 pound puppy jumping is not OK!!  So far it does not really seem to phase her.
5.  New creamer flavor in the house this week!!
6.  I got this screen on my iPhone on Saturday.  It is NOT a good screen to have!  It means something went wrong with an update, and you need to restore your phone.  Not so bad if you back it up regularly...grrr!!  This is a public service announcement!!  BACK UP YOUR PHONE!!  Mine went back to November 2012, thank goodness I save my photos every week, or else I would have been really bummed!!
7.  We had the kids over for lunch on Sunday (it has been too long since we have done that!!), it was nice to see everyone and catch up!
8.  Sophie and Bella get tired watching me clean the house.
9.  After lunch on Sunday (see #7) Ashley, Jess and I made a burlap wreath, (I ran out of ribbon, so mine is only 3/4 done).  Here is Ashley's (she still wants to add some embellishments), they were super easy to make!! 
(*note~this is taken on our stained concrete floors).  I will show updates soon!!  I just have a lot going on with Josh and Jess' wedding right around the corner ;)

Enjoy Today!


Jodene said...

I saw Ashley's wreath on Instagram, it looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the pics of your floors too :) And thanks for the reminder about the phone backup, sometimes I leave it a little too long.

Kim H. said...

Love the wreath! And so sorry about the update issue. I had the same thing happen to me last night. It was my ipad. Unfortunately I never back it up because it is used by the family...I forget. Well... all pics kids took... gone. Not happy. This issue has happened to a lot of apple users....:( Very disappointed.

Karen L. said...

Love your dog photos! We had the same issue with our big dogs jumping on guests...turns out our dogs will not jump up if they have something in their mouths, so now we keep dog toys by the door and get them to grab one before opening the door! Works like a charm (most of the time!)