Monday, January 16, 2012

popping in...

Hi all...
I wanted to pop in to let you know I have not neglected my blog on purpose!!  My computer picked up a virus (I think), you know that awful feeling when you click on something and even before you lift your finger off the left mouse button, you wish you didn't??  Well it happened to me, and just as quickly as I clicked on a Photoshop Free brush download,  EVERYTHING was GONE *insert very sad face here*.  I am just so happy that I use Mozy to do my online backups!!  It is worth EVERY penny (even though the prices have gone up this year)Carbonite is another (lower cost) option that I am looking into when I need to re-new.

I will be back to blogging soon!!  I also have a few  iPhone photo dumps to post as well *wink*

Happy Monday!!


June K said...

Hi Gretchen! Hope you are doing okay and that your computer is feeling better.

Jodene said...

Oh no Gretchen, that's terrible! I have been having lots of computer problems too, it's really put a cramp in my blog surfing! lol
Hope it's all sorted soon and you can get back to regular blogging :)

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