Monday, June 13, 2011

Forever family...

Happy Monday!!

On Saturday Mike and I were honored to celebrate the adoption of Hunter joining his forever family Ross and Erica. Facebook is so great for connecting you with lots of peeps from your past; Mike and Ross went to high school together (I won't say how long ago, LOL!!). It was so neat to find out last year that Ross lived about 20 minutes away from us. Ross and his lovely wife Erica invited us over to celebrate with 100 of their other friends and family, the addition of Hunter (who is 10) joining their family. What a heartwarming story too!! It makes me so happy to hear about these types of happy endings!! They are all so lucky to be a FOREVER family!!

Ross and Erica said NO gifts, but I could just not go and not bring a little something to celebrate this happy occasion; and who gets mad if you get a gift, right?! I made this card Saturday before the party (didn't want to make it baby~ish, since Hunter is 10), and put a AMC & Cold Stone giftcard inside so they can have a little family night.

enjoy the ride congrats adoption

When we got home, I realized that I had a Groupon, Shutterfly book that was going to expire that night at midnight (argh!! nothing like waiting until the very last minute, LOL!!), so I stayed up until 11pm finishing that project (which was quite fun and easy!!). I cannot wait to get it in the mail June 16-19th (probably will blog about it, LOL!!).

I have been doing a 30 day Photography Challenge this month; which I am really enjoying, if you want to check out my pic's my 365 blog is here (there is also a tab at the top of my blog). Today's challenge is to photograph myself with 13 things (gotta do some thinking for that one, LOL!!).

Enjoy today!!


June K said...

Such a cute card and heartwarming story.

Jodene said...

A beautiful card for such a special occasion Gretchen. It is wonderful to hear heartwarming stories like that.

Kathy Mc said...

Adorable card for such a special occasion ~ how neat! Just clicked on your 365 blog and enjoyed your photo challenge postings. Some days seem more challenging than others but so far, so good for you!