Wednesday, June 8, 2011

beautiful blooms and basket weaving...

Hi everyone!!
I am a little late this morning!! Mike is finally starting to feel better *woot woot* so last night we watched TV together (it is soooo nice to have him back!! He has been very sick). Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!

Okay onto the card:
Last week I was sitting on the floor, playing with Kodi (Josh's dog), and was eye level with the IKEA basket that I have to hold all of Josh's shoes (he has a lot!!), and I had an idea for a card base. Back in the 90's my mom and I took a basket weaving class, so my skills were put to good use for today's card.

shoe basket

beautiful blooms basket

I really loved the look, and I am sure will do some more paper weaving again ;)

Enjoy Today!!


Sandy Kay said...

Wow, I love this! I have lots of kraft scraps that I know what to do with now! Any tips on how to do this the easy way?

Karen said...

OMG OMG OMMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!! I LOVE this Gretchen! You totally amaze me with all your fabo ideas!!

Luv Karen

Nancy L. said...

oh, its beautiful!!

Sarah Finn said...

SO pretty!

Jodene said...

This card is so beautiful Gretchen! I just adore your basket weaving idea, it looks perfect on this card. So glad to hear that Mike is feeling better too!

Kathy Mc said...

Gretchen, I think this card of yours is my all-time favorite. Now that's saying a lot because I LOVE following your blog and your creative style. Happy to read that your DH is finally on the mend. He was sick for a loooonnnngggggg time!

tfiskers said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful card! Perfectly executed