Friday, September 24, 2010

a little randomness...

Happy Friday Friends!!!
I hope you are having a terrific day, the weekend is here~woot woot!! I have been trying to get back into the swing of things since my trip to CT~my internal clock is messed up!!! I am slowly getting back to MST. I do have to admit it has been nice getting up early and not feeling tired, LOL!! (it kinda stinks being dead tired at 8 pm though). Today I am hoping to upload/edit all my CT photos (will share some next week). I have not had much of a stamping mojo since I got home~so no card post for today *sad face*

So yesterday I was watching the Rachel Ray show, and she revealed a new show she will be hosting on the cooking channel (channel 232 for direct TV customers), called Week in a Day~which I am super excited about...really!! I had my hubby DVR all the episodes for me (the first show airs on 9/25 at 2/3pm~check your local listings). I just love cooking once and eating 5 times~I hope it doesn't disappoint!! I have been a huge RR fan since her first show 30 minute meals. I even have all her cookbooks (yes, I have a little cookbook fetish!)


Have a super weekend!!!

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Joy said...

I just had to show my husband this post! He told me I was the only woman on Earth who owned SO many cookbooks! (I have a fetish too) I see a lot of the ones I have in your pic!