Tuesday, August 10, 2010

laundry room re~do...

Hi friends!
I finally got around to snapping a few photos of my laundry room re~do (I use the word room lightly...because it is more like a closet, LOL!). This was the one room in our house that never got re~done. When we moved in, we concentrated on all the other rooms because they were more of a priority (bedrooms/family room/living room/and of course my craft room, LOL!!). After living here for almost 10 years~I finally go sick of the stark white walls and random cabinet that was in the space.

First I taped off the ceiling and around the molding (this was done about a month ago and I got too busy~sheesh!!). I went to Home Depot and picked out this lovely color for the walls and this color for the cabinet. Then while I was in the paint aisle I picked up this to clean the walls and cabinet and this to help prevent paint streaks.

This is what I was dealing with (note~since my laundry room is the size of a closet, I could not get photos of the entire room). very frustrating!!!

Just a plain white blah room!!
laundry 0001

laundry 0002

laundry 0003

After two days of prep/paint/organizing...tah dah!!! My new and improved space!!!
laundry 0009

laundry 0008

laundry 0006

laundry 0005

*the laundry sign I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price*

Now onto the cabinet organization~Here is the before:

laundry 0004
and here is the After:
It just makes me happy that everything has it's place and "like items" are grouped together~all is well in the laundry room now!!!

laundry 0007

Does it make me want to do laundry more~unfortunately NO!!! Do I smile when I walk by it~YES!!! Do I open the cupboards randomly to look at the organized space~HECK YEAH!!! Now I just need to pick up a few more boxes from IKEA to complete the cabinet!!!

(here are my categories if you are interested: cleaners, plastic utensils, napkins/paper plates, pet supplies, summer (which is sun screen and bug spray), rags, and once I pick up a few more boxes I will add: sponges (I love the magic erasers), party supplies (which is on the top left), and maybe a few to grow into? (and I am not really sure why I have vaseline in my laundry cupboard??? I think Mike was using it for something in the garage and it just ended up there).

I have been thumbing through a Do-it-Yourself catalog and am debating on my next project...Josh thinks I should paint the kitchen cabinets, but let me just say, the ones I did in the laundry room were quite a bit of work~my hubs would definitely have to be on board with that project, LOL!!, and right now he just has too much going on~so don't see that happening for a while.

Okay that is it for today~HAPPY ORGANIZING my Peeps!!!


Joy Junktion said...

Looks Great!!! Hey, I like the matching washer and dryer too:)

Lisa said...

Gretchen you laundry room looks great. I like the cabinets painted it really added a nice cohesiveness to the room. Cute plaque - it was nice to share in your project...the ouu and ahhhh part :0

Jodene said...

Wow what a difference a lick of paint makes huh! You have done a great job, it looks awesome.
Our laundry and the girls bathroom is next on my list. I just have to take that first step and get started! lol