Tuesday, June 29, 2010

are you ready for a pedi???

Posted by Ashley

Hey blog friends!
So I have a few amazing products to share with you today! If you are anything like me, then you probably try to save money by going for the “do-it-yourself pedicure” during the summer months when the tootsies are on display. Professional pedicures (at least the REALLY good ones) are pricey and living in Arizona, where we wear flip-flops practically all year, I would go broke with that expensive habit. Though I do pamper myself every once in a while, I love to check out the newest and hottest colors by OPI. Though these nail polishes are more expensive than the generic brands (about $8 per bottle), I have to say that they last longer than the others and the colors are super vibrant, even after a couple weeks. I just found the newest summer colors for 2010 and I might have to go get a bottle at ULTA this weekend! The colors are bright and “summery,” but not too overpowering, which I love!

On another note, my mom and I recently took a trip to The Container Store in Scottsdale because we were both in an organizing kind of mood. I’m telling ya… this store is absolutely incredible! I describe The Container Store as heaven on earth! Not only did I purchase some incredible items for household organization, but I also came across this nifty little purse organizer. I’m the kind of girl that likes her purses slouchy and big! I’m all about the hobo bag… but unfortunately, everything tends to fall into the black hole and I end up searching for a pack of gum for what seems like an hour! This amazing invention sits in your purse and has SIX (that’s right… SIX!!) pockets for things like hand sanitizer, a mini lint roller, lotion, and whatever else your heart desires. I can honestly say that this little organizer has kept my slouchy purses manageable and organized! I highly recommend this item, especially if you love neat and clean purses where you can easily find everything.

ashley purse organizer

Well, that’s all for today… thanks for stopping by! On Thursday, I’ll be sharing about an upcoming missions trip to Jamaica!! Have a wonderful day!


Jodene said...

Great post Ashley! Firstly I LOVE the nail colours, the blue would have to be my fave. I usually wear a similar colour in summer :)
My only complaint about your post is that we don't have the Container Store here in Australi!! And I love the idea of that bag organiser, because like you I spend ages looking for my lip balm or hand cream in my bag.
It looks like a simple design though, maybe I could convince a sew-savvy friend to whip one up for me ;)

Linda said...

Dear Gretchen & Ashley,
I love your new idea of blog sharing. I have always looked forward to seeing your wonderful cards on MWF, Gretchen. Now to have Ashley's girl talk on Tues & Thurs is so much fun. I may be 55, but I'm still a girl and having 2 sons, I sometimes miss out on the hip chic stuff going on. I also think it's cool how when you highlight a word you have a link to it. I'm not too computer savy either. LOL
Thanks again for sharing your lives with us and providing such a fun way to start my day by reading your blog every morning.

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