Tuesday, March 10, 2009

coupon clipping...more randomness!

Hi all,

Well we survived Monday...that is always a good thing, LOL!

Have you ever heard of the Grocery Game?

I am a member of a forum and there is a category on the board called "Off Chatter Topic." A few weeks ago, someone mentioned the Grocery Game...I was kind of intrigued by the whole thing, and decided to check it out. Now, with the economy the way it is, who doesn't want to try and save some $ these days? I decided to give it a try and signed up (it is only $1 for the first month, so really there is not too much to lose), I was gung-ho to give it a try (I have never been very successful with coupon clipping). Unfortunately the first week I had the flu, the second week I was in CT visiting my mom, and now the third week is almost up and I still haven't tried it!!!???? ARGHHH!!! So last night I printed off my store lists and clipped my corresponding coupons and will hopefully hit Fry's and Safeway on my way home from work today. Not sure how much I will save, but I am hoping it will get easier as the weeks go by. If you are a coupon clipper...I would love any tips you could send my way.

Have a good one!!!

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Oma said...

I keep all my coupons in a folder and have them sorted by canned goods; cereal; you get the idea. You could even make a folder out of paper in your stash and "pretty" it up. Then I had a 2nd folder where I put in all the coupons I would be using for my next trip to the grocery store. Every time I made out a grocery list; I would look at the coupons I had and pull the ones I would use that week. Works for me!