Thursday, December 4, 2008


No cards today...sorry!
I do have some cards to post, but still need to edit I thought I would post a picture of my new shirt. I found this online and HAD to get it (it was one of those compulsive buys). This one SO fits me! My kids are always complaining that I want to snap their picture all the time...I can't help is a sickness!!!! I didn't tell them I bought it, and we all had a good laugh when they saw it for the first time...I guess they understand my humor, lol!
check out this one (too funny!)
Yesterday we had our carpets now we can get the Christmas tree up (hopefully this weekend). Maybe that will help me get some great Christmas gift ideas. I have today off (switched days off with my co-worker). So I am hoping to get some serious crafting done!
Enjoy today!