Thursday, October 9, 2008


I survived!
And I must say it was a perfect day...just a few little "hic-up's", which were all worked out in the end. It turned out so nice (made all the hard work worth it). *thanks for all your nice comments, emails and cards*

Since Mike is the pastor at our church, and the one Ashley wanted to give the wedding vows/ceremony, Josh walked Ashley down the aisle, and presented her to her dad for kiss. It was such a heartwarming moment (especially for me!). I think they are the cutest kids ever!!!! *am I a proud mom or what?*

Since all our family left on Wednesday, I have been recuperating from all the wedding planning/set up/reception/dancing/visiting/family/tear-down/regular life, etc...I think I am almost caught up on my sleep...I have been surviving on major caffeine (LOVE Starbucks!), lol!

I hope to stamp over the weekend...but have a few photos to edit (like 200 mostly taken by Josh and Sharon). So check back on Monday...I may have a stamped project to share:D

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy the weekend!!!!