Monday, October 13, 2008

my digi desktop...

Happy Monday!

Well the weekend got away from me...I was busy editing wedding pictures. It was so nice to not have any plans this weekend! I stayed in my Jammie's until 1pm on Saturday editing pictures...I didn't leave the house! I was having a blast;D

Time just seemed to get away from no stamping *gasp*

Ashley called on Sunday morning as they were leaving CA to come home(can you believe I hadn't talked to her all week?). We met them at their apartment to watch them open their wedding gifts (and put them away)! They had a lot of fun on their Mexican Rivera cruise an stayed ahead of the hurricane. I am so glad to have her back in town!!! I missed her!

Since I was up to my elbows in pictures, I decided to update my October desktop (a little behind schedule, lol!). You can get this one here, all you have to do is drop and drag you pictures into it...easy peasy!

Hope you have a spectacular day today!