Friday, September 19, 2008

the weekend is here!

Happy Friday...are you ready for the weekend?

I have lots to do, but am hopeful to have some "me time" sometime over the weekend! I have several thank you cards to make and a couple of birthday cards.

Wedding stuff is in full gear now...I hope to get the majority crossed off my list!!! I have to make a slide show for the wedding (hope that isn't too difficult), type and print the programs & name cards (and our printer is being wonky again...arrgh!), bring Josh and Mike's tuxes to the dry cleaners, and I think that is it for this weekend...hope I don't get too stressed, lol!

Here is the page I made for Lesson 2 in my type+writer was kind of weird doing a page about me...because, I am usually the one behind the camera. Ashley took this picture of me during our "senior picture" photo shoot on Saturday. Of course I edited it a bit, lol! Wish that would work irl!

Have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for visiting!!

1 comment:

Sears Family said...

this page is fantastic! Good for you for making a page about yourself!

enjoy the wedding planning! And document it!