Thursday, September 18, 2008

senior picture moments...

Hi everyone....
I missed a day...I think that may be happening more frequently over the next few weeks, so please be patient with me;D
Tuesday night our church kicked off it's new women's ministry. We are concentrating on relationship building, which is really great! I am looking forward to getting to know all the ladies in the group on a more personal level. Cindy Cain is leading the group and has had tons of experience, and our church will be blessed by her. I know she will do a great can check out her blog here.
On Saturday, while Ashley and I were waiting to drive to Lindsay's house for her shower...we had about a half an hour to kill and of course we didn't do anything productive, lol! I wanted to take some pictures to practice some of my new skills...I guess you could call it "senior picture moments" I took lots of pictures of her and she snapped a few of me...we had a good laugh! I think we needed some down time! Anyway this one was my favorite!!! I did a little editing, and added the contra pop action, which you can find here. Actions...I LOVE them!!!! I am just warning you, once you start using them, you will run them on all your photos. You can download some free ones here (note these work in Photoshop Elements and higher versions of Photoshop).
I finished another digi page from my type+writer class...which I will post on Friday (it includes one of the "senior picture moments" Ashley snapped of me, which I had to edit a bit, lol!).
Enjoy today! Thanks for visiting!!!


Joy Junktion said...

Thanks for the encouraging words and link to my blog.
You're the best.
I am looking forward to many more great events ahead.
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