Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hi all,
Happy New Year! 
I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

I just wanted to stop in and do a quick post as to why I have been absent from my blog the past couple of weeks.  

Two weeks ago, Josh went in for an MRI for a lump that had formed on the top of his head.  He received a call that same day and was told to go directly to the ER.  After hours of waiting in the emergency room, they admitted him to the hospital.  I won't go into the emotional roller coaster ride that we went through on getting a diagnosis.  

It appeared that his Osteosarcoma had returned on his scull (and we were hopeful it had not gotten into his brain).  He was scheduled for brain surgery on Monday.  I immediately bought a plane ticket and flew to Arizona.  I cannot even express how hard it is for a mom to have to see their child face such hard things.  But Josh, is such an inspiration and told me that, maybe he had to go through this again, because he would need to inspire someone else (He sure inspires me!). 

Josh's surgery took about 5 hours (which seemed like days), and was a success, and the tumor was confirmed to indeed be Osterosarcoma.  The surgeon was confident he was able to remove all of the tumor (and thankfully the pathology report confirmed that).  Josh now has a titanium plate in his head where the top of his scull once was.  After only 5 days in the hospital, Josh was discharged to go home.  Nothing can keep that kid down.  

He will now be starting chemotherapy and radiation for approximately 5 months.  His Oncologist assured us that the odds are definitely in his favor to be fully cured.  I have included Josh's Go Fund Me link below (and his update from Facebook) if anyone would like to help with that.  He will be out of work for a while and I can only imagine how much brain surgery costs???  

I would love it if you would keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make this journey once more...which I am confident will be the last time :)  

Always, Enjoy Today!

Josh - Go Fund Me

Hello Everyone,
Josh here. Thank you all for your continued support! Jess and I really appreciate it! I am home now and recovering from my recent brain surgery. As far as we know now, the game plan will be to restart chemotherapy on January 2nd, and then 6 weeks of radiation a few weeks after that.
Unfortunately the chemo will have to be in the hospital again.... 5 days at a time, twice a month. Luckily it shouldn’t be quite as long this time around. Maybe 4-6 months of chemo. We are hopeful of a full remission this time around. We are very thankful for all of your support, and cant put into words how appreciative we are of you all.
As some of you know, I did start a new job as a cabinet maker on November 6th. Since I am still very new there, I am not eligible for FMLA, and wont be able to work for a few months (or drive for that matter!). My doctors are taking the precautions for seizures, since I did have one in the hospital after surgery.
I will try to keep updates coming out as we get them. Thanks again, and Happy Holiday season to everyone!
Josh and Jess

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Every day is a blessing.

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Avalon said...

Hope the year is prosperous so far.