Monday, February 4, 2013

weekly iphone dump - February {week one}

From Left to Right:
1.  Josh and Jess are engaged *smile* Here she is at work after they threw her a little party!!  Wine anyone?
2.  Sometimes I like to have for cereal for current fav=Honey Bunches of Oat's with Vanilla Almond Milk.
3.  This is what happens when the dishwasher is full of clean dishes (thanks to my sweet hubby for putting them away!!).
4.  Mike and I went to our favorite spot~we are predictable, huh?
5.  My Target has TONS of stuff on the clearance rack!!  I tried on a few things, but wasn't in LOVE with them, so I only came home with a black skirt (and lots of other random stuff, LOL!)
6.  Me and Kodi out for a walk.  Let me tell you I am already dreading when he moves out (See #1).
7.  I am LOVING our new Keurig Vue...Mike is not 100% on board yet.
8.  I am thinking about upgrading to the full version of the instaweather app (so I don't get the advertisement in the top right corner!!) Loving the weather right now!!
9.  Dewey loves jumping in the dryer after I fold the clothes~silly kitty!!

Enjoy Today!!