Wednesday, June 4, 2008

our usual Sunday afternoon...

Hi Friends!
It is Wednesday!!! And I am ready for the weekend. It will be a busy one...Ashley and I meet with the florist on Saturday (wedding plans)and we have a church picnic on Sunday (and all the usual stuff in between).

I haven't been stamping due to being sick last week (boy, being sick really cramps my style!). So I thought I would post a digi layout I made a few weeks back when I was on a scrapping role. This layout uses one of my favorite digi kits (Love Shack) by Shabby Miss Jen and the template is from another favorite place of my Scrapbook Graphics (Janet Philips).

I have been asked often (and quite flattered I might add) on how I get my knots/bows to look the way they do on my I am going to try to do a tutorial on how I tie them...I hope to have it done by Friday (fingers crossed). So stay tuned! I also have some stamping projects to share next week :D

I hope you enjoy your day!!! Thanks for visiting!