Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wish journal

Saturday I attended a Wish Journal class taught by Kimberly Kwan. I had a lot of fun. A special thanks to my friend Cindy who was unable to attend and gave me her spot *hugs Cindy*. I sat next to Jennifer (Hi Jennifer!) and enjoyed getting to know her (she is Cindy's friend). I enjoyed being the student! When the class started we were given our packets and told how to assemble the journal, but the paper choices and layout were totally up to us. There was no rhyme or reason on how to put it together...just what made us happy. I had a hard time getting started (after my adventure..story below), but things just seemed to flow after a few minutes. I was happy with my finished project. I am not much of a journal'er but I think this will be a nice book to use for our small group study at church to write prayer requests in.

{When I was driving to my class on Saturday morning...I was having a great morning, it was sunny, I planned extra time to get a Starbucks, I had my Yahoo Maps Directions, going along as planned...when all of a sudden I saw a sign that said 101 north closed from Friday night until Monday. I kind of read that and thought "I am sure there is one lane open", I was hoping for the best! (that was not the case). Okay, so as some of you know I am severely direction challenged, I had no idea what I was going to do! I saw that everyone was exiting at the Scottsdale Rd exit (so this must be the way I should go?). I was starting to get a little anxiety at this point. I called Mike and luckily he coached me through it (even though he had no idea where I was going...just the general area). I was happy to only be about 5 min late (along with 2 other people). I was so relieved that 101 south was open (it only took me about 35 min to get home). It was definitely an adventure!}

Thanks for visiting today, have a wonderful day!

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Jules said...

I love your blog! I nominated you for an "excellent blog" rating!! http://needtostamp.blogspot.com/2008/02/rated-excellent.html :)Julie